The Gold Road To Plenty

Gold Standard vs.Paper System

by Max Zaslavskiy & Mark Fischer
We find ourselves in a multipolar world, where no country can claim a monopoly on monetary conditions. This is the world in which countries themselves begin to choose, the currencies that they prefer to use in international trade. When one can choose which currency to use for payments, and which instrument to use for storing value - that, my friends, is what I call financial and personal freedom!

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About the author


Max Zaslavskiy, entrepreneur, philanthropist, the founder of the Diamond Reserve Club was born and in Western Ukraine in 1979.

In the early 90s, Max’s parents moved to New York. Received MS in finance from Baruch College in 2003. In 2005 Max pursued law, and having received his LL.M.Master of Laws.

Having extensive background in the investment management, consulting and marketing, Max had realized the potential value of sharing the information, digital media sources, and decided to combine his extensive expertise in finances and marketing with the overwhelming digital media technologies potential.

Are you ready to reveal the truth of US monetary system?